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History exists in the background of our news cycle like an ever-expanding origin story. It is important to add context to events with accurate historical research and nuanced analysis.

It is often overlooked how economic cycles, periods of international aggression, and the lifespan of democracies can be evaluated and speculated upon by jumping in our metaphorical time machine and searching primary and secondary sources from times gone by.

In this space, I join that adventure.

Our world changes around us rapidly and we often are called to step back and think about the struggles and challenges of our ancestors - who lived under this same sun.

Thus, nothing is new under the sun.

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A space dedicated to unpacking memories, myths, and facts that inform our past, present, and future.


I grew up in Baltimore City and experienced it as a place yearning to relive a past glory rather than a crime haven. It makes me appreciate the nostalgia so many older people have and how it influences their worldview.